The Covers for Padel Courts that we offer to our customers are developed from galvanized steel profiles of high resistance, using as roof material different systems according to customer needs, such as high quality pvc tarpaulin, wavy lacquered steel sheets or polycarbonate.

We offer the possibility of removing the structure at the moment the customer wishes.

We can produce perimeter enclosures with a multitude of options according to the needs of each customer

Some of the Advantages of our Padel Courts Covers:

• Modular structures that can be assembled over any type of terrain, even in those where other constructions are not allowed or viable, such as rustic land.

• The technology of the materials used gives very good results in aggressive environments.

• The components are prefabricated, so they require less control in the execution.

• Shorter time for assembly works, as well as a minimum foundation.

• The system guarantees a better seal, improving the sliding of rainwater or layers of snow, and offers better resistance to wind.

• It requires less maintenance due to the finishing of the roof profiles.

• This covering system is completely removable.

• Expansible covers in a simple and economical way.

• Ceiling of homogeneous height, ideal for sports facilities.

• Dampens the noise of the impact of the rain.

• Removes moisture from the tempered glass (padel courts).

• Possibility of canvas with advertising in digital printing.

• We adapt the covers to any type or model required in any situation.

• Extends the useful lifetime of the covered spaces.

Our customers can choose between these 3 OPTIONS:

  • STANDARD OPTION: Only the roof is covered.
  • OPTION 1: Perimeter enclosure (all sides) with PVC Canvas 4,50m from roof level. Approx. 2,50m from ground level remains permanently open.
  • OPTION 2: Perimeter enclosure (all sides) with PVC Canvas to the ground level, being mobile manually the first 2,50m from ground.